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The following is a list of some of my active (and previous websites). Click on the image to be taken to the site (or replica of it, in the case of older sites). NOTE: they will all open in a new window. They are listed in chronological order (most recent first).

Alchemyst - Personal Site Alchemyst - Personal Site

My home page. It has links to my favourite websites, to-do list, and things like that.
At the moment you'll see a new version which will incorporate a calendar and attached RSS feeds of interest.
Not finished yet, but when I'm finished should be some quite clever PHP 'under the hood', using Ajax for real-time editing.
For now I'm using iGoogle - not as good though, those cowboys ...

No Image Squinky - Media Monkey

A site which contains information about my media collection. At present, it only represents a list of my DVDs, but I plan to add my music and video files to it as well.
By the way, Squinky is a funky monkey that lives on my TV. He's really quite vicious.

Desiderata Desiderata

One of my oldest websites that's been through several revisions since I first got into web design back at school.
It's evolved from a "has everything" website into one more specifically geared towards computing and web design. It's desperately in need of an update at the moment - likely to happen when I finish the sites above!

Dad Tutoring Site Dad's Tutoring Site

A simple HTML-only site I set up for my dad when he started tutoring. He hasn't actually started using it yet (can't decide on a domain name!) but I anticipate it being activated at some point.

Online Photoalbum Online PhotoAlbum

A photoalbum I set up a few years back, which contains various photos of me, my family and friends. I've moved away from this in favour of the really rather good Google app Picasa, which produced the online albums shown in the Gallery section of this site.

Alchemystry Alchemystry

While I was completing a degree in Chemistry, I found it difficult to find useful information on the web about degree-level topics. So, I decided to put my notes on the web. As they were in Word documents anyway, this wasn't too much effort to complete.
It's actually been fairly popular, presumably after appearing on search engines. Good to know it's helping some people!

Blog Alex's Blog

Yes, when the blog craze was kicking off I decided it'd be fun to create my own. Unfortunately I found that after I'd had fun creating the site, I wasn't too interested in keeping it up to date!
It's wildly out of date as my previous host lost my database!! It's a, err ... very unusual looking site!

The websites below here are very old, and not supposed to be in use by anyone any more. Once they are taken down, I'll link them to images of the site instead. They're hosted here more for historical regions than anything else.


A major project for myself while at University was setting up a college website from scratch. This is it, and took a long time to complete, but was very well received.
It's been replaced by a new one (although it was a few years after I left Uni before it happened) so I thought I'd put up a screenshot here for prosperity. I still go back to pinch bits of the code sometimes!

Teddy Hall Additional Sites

These three sites were separate, smaller projects I completed while at Uni. Again, no longer hosted but kept for prosperity. They are:
  1. AltSEH - a site hosting our college's alternative prospectus.
  2. The Insider - a website for our college newspaper.
  3. Teddy Hall Ball - a website for our college Ball in 2004.
AltSEH The Insider Ball 2004

You can actually press the letter on your keyboard! You can actually press the letter on your keyboard! You can actually press the letter on your keyboard! You can actually press the letter on your keyboard! You can actually press the letter on your keyboard!